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จากอัลบั้ม In A Perfect World วางจำหน่ายแล้ว: กำกับโดย Definite Productions Artwork โดย Shiloh Smith มิวสิกวิดีโอโดย Kodaline กำลังแสดง Talk (C) 2013 B-Unique Records (UK) Limited ภายใต้ลิขสิทธิ์เฉพาะของ Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited

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Kodaline - Talk (Audio)
Kodaline – Talk (Audio)

นอกจากดูข่าวเกี่ยวกับบทความนี้แล้ว Kodaline – Talk (Audio) คุณสามารถดูและอ่านบทความเพิ่มเติมด้านล่าง


เนื้อหาที่เกี่ยวข้องกับtalk kodaline

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Kodaline – Talk (Audio).

talk kodaline.

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42 thoughts on “Kodaline – Talk (Audio) | talk kodalineข้อมูลล่าสุดที่เกี่ยวข้อง

  1. Cracker Man says:

    it was nice knowing you, it really was.
    i wont forget you, and hope that you manage to see yourself how you truely are. not an emotionless shell, but the kindest person ive ever met. one who deserves to be the happiest as well. farewell, you were no saint, but an angel hiding its wings.

  2. Jonel Ramirez says:

    Dear Reader,

    Most probably, I dont know you and you don't know me either. Probably, we're not living in the same country. Probably, we're not speaking the same language. Probably, you're older than me or I'm older than you or maybe we both belong on the same generation.

    But here's something that connects us, we both have a great taste of music.

    Thanks for being here. I love you and keep safe always. God bless ❤️

  3. Eurekappa says:

    Esta canción es toda una obra maestra, es una joya de este álbum, ¡'sin hacer menos el resto de canciones!… es extraordinaria, debería tener muchísimos más likes y muchos más views. Kodaline es otro nivel. <3

  4. Irish Setter48 says:

    Terribly bland band. Would be nice to hear a song of theirs that doesn't just turn into them running out of lyrics and resorting to a "whoa, whoa, whoa" snooze fest.

  5. Gonpachiro says:

    I lost her due to my own circumstances. I'm giving up on life, she's been there for quite some times. But still I'm becoming more and more tired of this life. I thank her for staying longer than others, now I'm alone fighting this struggle to 'keep going' in life…

  6. The Fiend says:

    "But I still find pieces of you in the back of my mind"
    Back in 2017 a girl introduced me to this song. A girl that has been with me through my worst. Supported me. And now we're barely talk with each other.

  7. Helena Gutierrez says:

    ok i'm about to write one of those deep ass emotional personal experiences, so it's ok if u don't want to read it. Just keep scrolling down. Time passed and made his job, things weren't good or bad anymore, they just came to this sort of limbo, where there wasn't any happiness, but somehow i chose that over loneliness. I wasn't happy anymore, and the bitterness of knowing deep down what was going on was making me even more miserable. I found this song. I just let it play and i started crying desperately, i couldn't breathe and lost control for a while. Sounds like i'm exagerating, but it was just like that. It was amazing, had been a long while since i felt any strong emotion, like being sunk in a state of mind where things barely get to you, getting used to hate every detail about you and the place you're in, this song playing made me feel so human. that's it bye xd.

  8. nurlisya says:

    aw i remember listening to this song after my breakup last year. it was such a never ending tears lmao. NEVER wanna be in that depressive phase anymore. i hope nobody is going thru what i had went thru 🙂 love u guys

  9. Paige Roarr says:

    I can remember the good old days
    When you and me used to hide away
    Where the stars were shining or the sun was blinding our eyes
    Yeah you filled up my glass
    With promises that could never last
    But I still find pieces of you in the back of my mind
    And all of the things that we once said
    Are not in my heart, they're in my head
    That was the time to say goodbye
    Let's put it to rest yeah, let it die
    'Cause we don't, we don't need to talk about this now
    Yeah we've been down that road before
    That was then and this is now
    The crowds in my heart they've been calling out your name
    Now it just don't feel the same
    Guess it's over, yeah we're done
    I heard you made your way downtown
    To the place that I've been hanging around
    I was looking for your face in the crowd
    But trying to keep my head down
    Over time our wires crossed
    Well you changed and truth got lost
    All the things I would change if we could only rewind
    You were a moment in life that comes and goes
    A riddle, a rhyme that no one knows
    A change of a heart, a twist of fate
    Couldn't fix it, it's too late
    'Cause we don't, we don't need to talk about this now
    Yeah we've been down that road before
    That was then and this is now
    The crowds in my heart they've been calling out your name
    But it just don't feel the same
    I guess it's over, yeah we're done
    Whoa, oh oh oh
    We don't, we don't need to talk about this now
    We don't, we don't need to talk about this now
    We don't, we don't need to talk about this now
    We don't, we don't need to talk about this now

  10. Mxrvell Ψ says:

    People are attracted to the mainstream bands. But I'm here reminiscing bands like KODALINE and The SCRIPT. The underrated unrecognisable band that deserves way more attention. Phenomenol and unique songs. Thanks for making me smile when I can't ❤💯