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  1. Max Dalton says:

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  2. David Brandel says:

    Does anyone know how to generate a code from an authentication app. I reset my password and I received a message screen asking me to do this. I have no clue on how to accomplish this. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

  3. Melanee Baker says:

    Having same problem. I don't have access to my old numbers. Same thing it wants to to enter my old password. Which I remember but they tell me it's wrong and I can't have any code sent to those numbers dur to they are old phones and long gone. Thus is so frustrating

  4. Kelly Smith says:

    None of that worked for me. I tried both ways. When it comes to the send code section I choose that and it asks to find friends. I want to delete the account.

  5. Cade Crippin says:

    this is nice but.. i have a fb page and business page. my business wont let me back in and the switch account button is gone reset several times no help, fb is no help either.

  6. EkoLogiko says:

    Hello. I'm having problems with this since when I enter my code I get a "You're blocked from using this feature" message and after that I'm blocked from inserting the security code since "I tried to insert too many code. Try again later".
    Do you have any suggestions about this?

  7. Amsterdamrico says:

    Ive had my account on pc, laptop and android phone. After the great Facebook outage i couldt log in on pc after loging of on laptop the same isseu now after trying everything to try reset password on my account i never get the reset email. I looked on the history of email sendings on facebook to my email account it says sent code to email verytime i ask for it but dus not appear on may emailS . No logged of on the phone and cant get in anymore. Somebody help me please!

  8. tink06 Bama says:

    I do not get other pages to choose like this. Mine only showed my acct. I chose it then it ask for my password. I enter anything then select forgot password… Then round and round we go no options to send me an email